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There are several reasons to choose eMerge™...
If you are still doing the consolidation manually, then you are most probably using Spreadsheets to do the same. Here are some reasons as to why it is risky to use Spreadsheets for consolidation
The time between a quarter-end and the board meeting is shrinking all the time! Most companies struggle to come out with the published results on time. The reasons are many – availability of data on time in a centralized format, complex computations, last minute changes suggested by auditors – are some of them. Here’s how eMerge™ removes the complexity, and saves time when it is most needed
Are you using a complex generic product and trying to somehow fit yourself into it by customizing it beyond its shape? Does any other product give you Indian GAAP reports – straight out of the box? eMerge™ does! In fact, it does exactly that and not a thousand other things which would make its usage complicated. You will need no customization for Indian GAAP!
Are ‘Notes to Accounts’, a nightmare? Do you struggle to keep the figures and notes in sync? Here is an elegant solution to do that in a simple manner
And all this with possibly the shortest implementation cycles for consolidation!
For a demo...
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