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Unlike most of the competing products, eMerge™ is a report driven product. Even if each of your entities has a different accounting system with a different chart of accounts, there is no need to transform or convert all of them to a common chart of accounts before it can be used for reporting.

Instead, we define a common report format and ask each of the entities to map their TB accounts to the report. The advantage is that – the extra process of conversion is saved at each period end and also, the individual entities can continue to use their own accounting nomenclature.

Your regulatory reports are delivered as a part of the eMerge™ installation. Modifications to these, over a period of time, are as simple as changing them in a spreadsheet.

A custom report generator allows you to define your own reports easily. It even allows you to pick figures from the generated regulatory reports, thus avoiding recalculation from source.

Some of the reports generated from eMerge™ are…
Standalone and consolidated Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account (with all the detailed schedules)
Statement of Changes in Equity
Cash flow statement
Notes to Accounts
Comparative reports showing comparison with previous period, same period previous year, previous year etc.
Financial highlights
Quarterly advt. (Clause 41 of Listing Agreement)
Statement of Net Assets and P&L of controlled entities
In case of step-down subsidiaries with different base currency, the local GAAP reports can be generated in their local currency
Various audit reports
Exception reports like – newly added accounts and changes in mapping since last published report are very useful to the auditors
Various MIS reports which have a drill down from aggregate to company level or general ledger account level
Reconciliation reports for intercompany eliminations
Detailed calculations for goodwill
Detailed computation of minority interest
Detailed computation of Foreign Currency Translation Reserve (FCTR)
Budget vs. Actuals
and many more!
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