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NOTEify™, is our latest addition to the eMerge™ suite. Preparing the standalone and consolidated financials is now a complete process where you can add textual notes with figures automatically picked up from a generated report of current year / previous year.
How this happens…
Define placeholders
A special type of schedule ‘Placeholder’ can be defined as part of a custom report. The groups in this placeholder can have values that are computed/referenced from an already generated report/manually entered.

Define Notes
A special type of Schedule called ‘Notes’  can be defined as part of the custom report. Here you can copy/enter any text matter in the form of paragraphs. This text can be merged with vales from the placeholders defined in this report.

Building Templates…
This gives you complete freedom to define the layout of the Consolidated/Standalone report with Notes and various Schedules of your GAAP Report. You get to select different schedules and notes from various reports and arrange these in the sequence you want. Various formatting options (for horizontal layouts) are available. You can select the comparison period also.

A template so defined can be saved and accessed whenever needed. The report is available in MS Excel with custom formatting and figures can be scaled (rounded) to any factor.

This report can then be directly sent for further formatting, branding and publishing (along with the Director’s signature).
Do call us for a detailed demo of this unique feature. You will love it!
For a demo...
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