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MIS Reporting in eMerge
MIS reporting module allows you to create departments, cost centers, SBUs etc. It may be noted that if you decide to purchase this module, it will allow you to create unlimited number of departments / cost centers / profit centers / branches etc. These will not be based on the licensed entity count that you have purchased with the basic eMerge product.

Create an MIS tree to arrange these cost centers etc. in the desired tree structure
There is a feature to import the P&L Actuals data at GL level or transaction level from the ERP as a single upload. The logic for importing can be defined in the MIS module to break-up this P&L data into Cost Centers or departments based on a dimension that is part of the data file extracted from your ERP. Alternately, it is possible to use the trial balance also to get the actuals data for MIS.

Customize the MIS report according to your design
You can provide the upload of Budget data, as a single file upload, if the budget of all cost centers is available in a single file. Alternately, the Budget data can be separately uploaded at the cost center / branch or whatever level you desire.

Generating the Budget vs. Actuals Report
There is a provision to revise the Budget periodically and generate the Budget VS Actuals considering AOP (Annual Operations Plan) and forecast figures.The Budget Vs Actuals report can have columns like - For the month – Actuals, For the month – AOP, For the month forecast, YTD Actuals, YTD AOP, YTD Forecast and For the year Forecast

The report output design can be entirely customized as needed.

The MIS and Budget VS Actual report will be available at cost center or whatever level you desire and also can be rolled up at the Department or Standalone level, based on the entity tree defined.
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