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Abhishek Agrawal is the key technical person behind eMerge™. He manages the entire product, its releases, its documentation, its delivery … and also the entire team of eMerge™.

He has been with eMerge™ since its inception and has been responsible for its growth and its position in the industry today. He is the technical brain behind eMerge™, and has the last word when it comes to it.

He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Pune  University.

Meenal Kadekodi is a solutions architect. She, along with Abhishek, have been the key designers of eMerge™.

She is responsible for most of the implementations that have been done till now – as a result of which she has gained enough financial knowledge to be able to advise on the best practices in Consolidation. Due to continuous interaction with customers, she is a key person in planning the roadmap for eMerge™.

She is a graduate in Physics and Applied Computer Science from Pune University and has been responsible for delivering several key solutions in the industry since 1984.

Anant Govande is the Founder & Director of Offshore Accounting and Taxation Services Pvt. Ltd. But for eMerge™ – he is the domain expert and has contributed to the product in building key features. He also looks after business development and has been responsible for some key acquisitions.

In short, he is our F1, when it comes to accounting queries.

He is a Chartered accountant (a rank holder in Inter and Final exams), a cost accountant and a company secretary – which gives him a complete view of how the product is to be shaped, which makes him an ideal candidate to plan the roadmap for further releases.

Prakash Bhavsar is in Enterprise solution selling for last 16 years and has sold some key products across India.
For last 5 years he is associated with Soft Corner and is responsible for business development and requirement gathering for eMerge™. 

Prior to getting into software sales, Prakash has worked in manufacturing sector, handling finance and commercial functions.

Prakash is qualified Cost Accounts and based out of Pune.

Arun Kadekodi is the CEO of Soft-Corner but for eMerge™, he is responsible for business development, meeting the key customers and prospects and also planning the roadmap for eMerge™.

He has been in software development since 1981 and is one of the old timers in software, in Pune. He has been responsible for development and delivery of several business applications for several large corporates in the past.

He has an M.Tech (Comp.Sc.) degree from Pune University, before which he graduated in Statistics and Applied Computer Science.
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