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Following are the key features of eMerge™…
It is a web based product which enables collaborative consolidation. Each entity can upload its own TB and work with its own data till it freezes its standalone GAAP report. This reduces the pressure on the corporate office, immensely
It has access control features enabling the administrator to give access to only certain features of certain entities to specific users
eMerge™ is robust and secure
It is highly scalable. You can add new entities (on acquisition) or remove (on divestment) within hours
eMerge™  can handle complex holding structures (see a sample on the right). It can handle step-down subsidiaries which in turn can themselves be holding entities
It is possible for the step down entities to report in their local GAAP and local currency
Multiple group structures (with or without all entities) and report structures possible thus allowing multiple ways of consolidation (for regulatory as well as management reporting)
Consolidate at intermediate holding entities is enabled
Drill down up to general ledger account level of each entity - from management reports & financial reports
eMerge™ also handles multiple financial periods (e.g. April to March and January to December)
Automatic computation of Minority Interest
Multi-currency features: AS 11 compliant, automatic computation of Currency Translation Reserve (CTR)
The consolidation process is AS-21, AS-23 and AS-27 compliant
NOTEify™, our unique feature allows you to add textual notes to accounts interspersed with the figures. In your published report, the figures in the notes will always be in sync with the reported figures
Dashboard view of consolidation status and pending activities, for follow-up (see a sample on the right)
Corporate lock once numbers are finalized- to prevent any changes further changes at lower level
Comparison with previous quarter, previous year, same quarter last year easily possible
Re-grouping of previous year’s figures is handled elegantly in line with current year’s presentation
The finance team are empowered to build new analysis reports or modify existing reports without any support from the IT department
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