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For the companies where Ind AS is not applicable, eMerge™ fulfills requirements of Indian accounting standards, such as…
AS-11 Foreign Exchange variations in integral and non-integral entities
eMerge™ has built-in functionality to meet the requirements of AS-11
Trial balances of foreign entities are uploaded in their local currencies. Foreign currency translation as per AS-11 logic is done by eMerge automatically.
Automatic computation of Foreign Currency Translation Reserve (FCTR) at two levels-
  • While uploading the TB
  • FCTR arising at the time of elimination of intra-group balances and transactions.
  • Detailed FCTR report which gives auditable information supporting the FCTR computation.
    Different accounting treatment to Integral and Non-Integral foreign operations
    AS-21, AS-23 and AS-27 about subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures
    eMerge has been designed to meet all the requirements of AS-21
    Automatic computation of minority interest
    Automatic computation of goodwill or capital reserve arising on consolidation.
    Elimination of intra-group balances and transactions can be done automatically or interactively.
    Shareholding % and method of consolidation are independent variables. So even if the parent does not hold more than half the voting power, it can consolidate the subsidiary in case it controls the composition of board of directors. This gives lot of flexibility to the consolidation team.
      eMerge meets the requirements of AS-23
    eMerge has been designed to handle the ‘equity method’ prescribed by AS-23 for consolidation of associates.
      eMerge meets the requirements of AS-27
    eMerge™ has built-in functionality to handle proportionate consolidation of joint ventures.
    AS-3 Cash flow statements
    eMerge produces the arithmetically tallied Cash Flow as per AS-3
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