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The key differentiator between eMerge™ and the competitors is that - eMerge™ implementation takes about 4 weeks (including user training) for a complex holding structure with 15 to 20 entities.

The data of a previously published quarter (or year-end) is taken into eMerge™ and all the statutory reports for all standalone entities and the consolidated financials are generated and tallied with the published figures. At this point, the customer is ready to ‘go live’ for the upcoming period.

Once the customer goes live, the process of consolidation for every period includes…
Import of the Trial Balance of each entity
Mapping of new accounts to the report, if there are any new accounts added during that period
Entry or upload of Currency rates for entities having currency other than that of the holding entity
Once this is done, each standalone entity can generate its own Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss A/c
Entry or upload of inter-company elimination entries (for business within the group companies)
Consolidation entries like write-off of goodwill, profit elimination from inventory etc. are added at the CONSOL level
Once all the above is done, the consolidated reports for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/c are available
After this, a whole lot of reports like comparative reports (current vs. previous/current vs. same period last year etc.), segment reports, ratios, clause 41 advertisement etc. can be generated.
NOTEify™, the powerful ‘Notes to Accounts’ feature, can be used optionally for selective periods, as necessary.

Many of our customers have moved from quarterly reporting to even monthly reporting now – as the process is so simple and takes so less time!
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